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FML Shelter List Website
Run by Jules DeVarney- This site lists all of the Ferret Shelters throughout the world and the vets they use.

2000 Shelter list

Ferret Central
Run by Pamela Greene- This site has shelters, ferret faqs and links to everything you need to know about ferrets.

Ferret Net
Run by Christine Code- A great resource site. Here you will find Ferret Mailing Lists, Medical information and more.

More Ferrets ?!?
Run by Alfert- A great resource site. If you need a ferret vet, check here.

Run by Ken Boschert, DVM- He has medical resources here for ferrets and other animals.

Pathology of the Ferret
Run by Bruce Williams, DVM- Disease information for owners and vets.

Star Ferrets
Run by Pam Troutman- Medical information and shelters. Great reading material.

Ferrets Anonymous
Run by Pat Wright- Meetings about current legislation and friendly vets.

Ferret Magazine
A great magazine about ferrets.

Modern Ferret
A magazine for ferret owners written by ferret owners.

Long Island Vets
I've just started making a list of ferret vets. This page is the ones I've used in Long Island, New York.

The Ferret Store
Everything you need for your ferret is sold here.

To subscribe to the FML, send an email to its moderator, Bill Gruber, at ferret-l-request@LISTSERV.FERRETMAILINGLIST.ORG and ask to be added.
You can also try subscribe by sending an email to ferret-l-request@LISTSERV.FERRETMAILINGLIST.ORG with the command SUBSCRIBE FERRET in the body of the email.

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