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In this section you will find everything you need to know about bringing a new ferret home. It was written by my best friend Regina Foran who has had many years of experience raising ferrets.

If you have not yet purchased a ferret, or are considering getting another please consider adoption.

There are over 6,000 waiting for good homes in no kill ferret rescues. These loving animals need you, and the rewards you get from adopting will far outweigh the purchase of a new baby ferret. Of course I would like to see them all with loving, caring, knowledgable owners. I think having a new kit, is a wonderful experience but along with it comes training, and all the joys of cleaning up the accidents, not to mention the veterinary requirements when they are young.

Young ferrets are also available at the ferret rescues, not as young always as you will find in a pet store. If you have not yet purchased, go to a ferret rescue for a visit, learn firsthand about the care and joys of ownership, and also the heartbreaks, and then make an informed decision about whether ferret ownership is for you.

The following pages are for you, it will tell you a little about ownership, caring and medical overviews. If you have just purchased a ferret it will give you insight into your new responsibility. Please do not consider breeding, unless you have a lot of knowledge and years of experience. It could turn out to be deadly for the ferret. They are not like cats and dogs in this area. Talk to someone with knowledge before you even attempt this.

Bringing Your Ferret Home

Bathing and Safety

Room Temperature and Health

Warning Signs and What They Mean

Nipping and Nail Clipping