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Most ferrets will do this with very little prompting. Just let them see the treat and hold it over their head out of reach. They will stand up on their hind legs to reach the treat. If your ferret is too chubby and has trouble standing, let him brace himself against your leg.

The easiest way to train a ferret that has no interest in learning the tricks you're trying to teach him, is by using a stick or dowel with a spoon attached to the end. Just put something he really loves to eat in the spoon. Let him smell or even sample what you have in there and lead him in the direction you want.

The first thing you have to do in training your ferret to come, is get his attention. Most ferrets will respond to a squeaky toy. You might also try shaking a raisin box or Pounce Cat Treat can to get him to look at you. If he thinks he's getting a treat he'll head in your direction. Call him by using his name as you're doing this. When he reaches you, praise him and give him his treat. Use your ferret's name every time you call him and he'll soon associate his name with going to you to get his treat.

For the stubborn ferrets that would rather play than respond to their names, use the stick and spoon method.

Hold out the spoon with a treat in it. As your ferret comes for the treat slowly back up while calling his name. Bring the spoon closer to you, or as one lady called it, reel him in. When he reaches you praise him, calling him by his name and give him the treat. Don't get angry if he does't respond the way you want, just keep at it and he'll come around. The wait is well worth the reward, having your ferret come when you call his name.