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This is the list of winners for all of my awards. Please visit some of these great sites and don't forget to sign their guest books.

Of Times Long Ago

The Dog Pound

Karen's Gif Depot

Betsy's Basket

Teri's Cool Links

4////Runner's Friends Home Pages

Grannykoop's House Of Faith

Sparky's Site

Tom's Midis For Webtv

LittleTreeFrog's Place

Tiki, Willie and Santiki's Siberian Huskie's Home-Page

Tiger's Place

Sweetheart's Place

Pretty As A Picture

Jeff & Jen's Paradise

Sweet's Fantasy & Dreams

ReNATssance Art

Nanny's Place

Fuzzy Greetings

Melanie's Home On The Net

Grammy Nell's Home Page

For The Love Of Wolves

Larry's Little Shop Of Links

The Friendly Site

Linda's Scratchart Images

Clan Of The Wolf

The Ferret Zone


Annie's World

The Dook Ranch

Haunting Memories

Macabre Manor

Northern Ohio Ferret Association


Margaret's Fantasy Land

The Pretty Ferret Sheeba

Shamrocks Place

Elishia's Homepage

Ferret Fanciers Of Greater Milwaukee

Black Russian Terrier

Pete's Page

The Ferret House

The Phoenix Within


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