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Date:   Fri, 26 May 2000 12:04:39 -0400 From:   "Colangelo, Tracy" E-MAIL Subject: The Metro Ferret (Caps, T-Shirts, Beds, Tubes, Fun-house)

The Metro Ferret Baseball Cap Our quality Baseball Cap (for humans), is available in two-tone khaki/black or khaki/green. It has the MetroFerret Logo embroidered on front, and our web address on the back. A must for any Metro Area ferret lover! Metro Ferret Embroidered Baseball Hat..............................$15.00 The Metro Ferret T-Shirt Our quality, 100% pre-shrunk Cotton Pocket T-Shirt. This is a natural-color Hanes Beefy-T, and is silk screened with the MetroFerret Logo on the pocket, and the full logo and web address on the reverse. Show you ferret shelter support by purchasing one today! Available in Adult Sizes Large and Extra Large. Metro Ferret Pocket T-Shirt........................................$15.00 Designer Ferret Bed This specially designed hanging hammock also doubles as a sleep sack! Quality made with durable 50/50 poly-cotton blend or colorful, quilted material, this hammock is machine washable and machine dryable. The corners of the hammock have firmly fastened o-ring grommets, and it comes with durable nylon strings. The strings can be removed if you prefer to use clip hangers. A generous size of 11" x 14" will be plenty of room for a snuggly bunch of fuzzies! Available in a variety of beautiful patterns, let us pick one for you! Designer Ferret Bed................................................$15.00 Designer Ferret Tube Your ferret will love to crawl into this warm cozy hide-away. Quality made with durable 50/50 poly-cotton blend or colorful, quilted material, this tube is machine washable and machine dryable. The top of the tube has firmly fastened o-rings at either end for cage hanging,, and it comes with durable nylon strings. The strings can be removed if you prefer to use clip hangers, or just want to place it flat on the floor. The tube measures 6" x 24", with a peek-a-boo slot in the middle. Also available in a beautiful variety of patterns. Designer Ferret Tube...............................................$12.00 The Ferret Fun House! Give your ferrets a fun place to be! Fabricated from heavy gauge white cardboard and beautifully (printed) with attractive ferret photos, this 6 'story' play area will keep your ferrets busy and happy, plus give them a great place to hide in. Comes completely assembled and ready for fun. Disassembles and reassembles in seconds so you can add your ferret's own blankets and ferret toys (interior 'floors' slide out easily). Your ferrets can easily climb from level to level through 'secret passages'! Small windows allow them to 'peek' out at you and you to look in on them! Top is open and gives them a nice additional play area. Approx. size: 14" x 16" x 30" high The Ferret Fun House (shipping included)...........................$36.95 Ordering Information We accept Checks, Money Orders and Visa/MC through, a secure and confidential service. Order by e-mailing us at, or by sending your payment for your items plus $ 3.20 postage to: Metropolitan NY/NJ Ferret Welfare Society, Inc. 1091 Sunnyview Road Mountainside NJ 07092-2122 Federal Tax ID Number 22-3684207 A Federal 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Organization


Date:   Fri, 26 May 2000 20:28:55 -0500 From:   DookDook E-MAIL Subject: Spoiled Ferret Snugglers                      

Spoiled Ferret Snugglers are soft and luxurious snugglers for spoiled ferrets to crawl in and lounge. The Snugglers are made of quality material. Here are the URLs with pictures and descriptions Almost all of our snugglers are: OUTSIDE--- warm polar fleece...   INSIDE --- soft pile lining. SIZE --- approx. 18 x 11.         SEAMS --- all hidden, no snagging paws. PATTERNS --- vary with availability. SUSPENDED BY--- loops and hooks included All Snugglers sell for $25 + $3.00 S&H 1. ORIGINAL SNUGGLER WEB-SITE Give them a soft, warm place to snuggle for napping or when you are not around. The ORIGINAL SNUGGLER hangs as a hammock with 2 openings for when the fuzzies want a dark place. Openings --- 2 individual openings. 2.SECRET ROOM SNUGGLER WEB-SITE They enter through a soft inviting opening into a hallway. A turn to the left and they are in their own little room. No drafts and total darkness. (They love that) Inside, they will find a surprise "jingle toy". (Just in case there is still a little playtime left) This sleeper can either be hung on the side of the cage as a space saver. (They will go up, turn left and come back down. It can also be used on the floor to lay on or crawl into.) 3. POCKET BOOK SNUGGLER WEB-SITE A sleeping or hiding place hangs on the side of the cage and does not take away any valuable play space. It is made of the softest patterned velour inside and out and lined with a fluffy fiberfill. You have your choice of the light mauve, pastel aqua or a rich burgundy. This one has a twin soft elastic opening at the top. (Kind of an in and out thing. The jingling you will here coming from inside isn't your imagination. There is a safe toy in there just waiting to be knocked around by playful fuzzies. 4. SPACE SAVER SNUGGLER WEB-SITE Totally different. This new snuggler does not take up valuable cage space leaving more of the all-important room to romp. Made with A warm polar fleece outside and soft pile inside. This roomy, ready to go the sleeper clips to the side of the cage. It has a round opening at the top which is irresistible to curious fuzzies. This is a perfect sleeper for smaller cages or an ideal extra "guest room. Really well made with quality materials. WRITE FOR A LIST OF AVAILABLE COLORS AND PATTERNS. If you don't see one you like, e-mail us and we'll do our best to make one to special order. Marge Szelmeczka, 56 Rock Springs Estates, OFallon, IL 62269


Date:   Sat, 27 May 2000 05:13:14 +0000 From:   Susan Malone E-MAIL Subject: Cages                                        

We are offering these cages as a fundraiser for the shelter. The description is: 24" Wide x 24" Deep x 48" High 2 Front Access Doors - 1 Side Litter Tray Access Door 2 Full Levels - 1 Balcony - 2 Ramps Easy Clean Slide out Tray 1"x1" 14 Gauge Wire Mesh with 1/2"x1/2" 14 Gauge Wire Mesh Flooring Entryways And Ramp Edges Are Safety Covered Features Large Open Area Off Balcony Perfect For Hanging Hammocks Picture can be seen here: WEB-SITE If you are serious and have any questions about the cage or pricing, please contact me directly. Susan Malone Ferrets Unlimited Rescue Of Tulsa E-MAIL


Date:   Sat, 27 May 2000 19:25:22 -0500 From:   "Sheri J." E-MAIL Subject: Wood pellet litter                            

Wood pellet litter: We have a limited supply of wood pellet litter. We are located in Duluth, MN/Superior, WI. I have 8 40# bags which I am willing to sell for $6 each. This is marked up a bit, mostly because of current gasoline prices! We travel to Minneapolis/St. Paul area to pick them up. If anyone in this area is interested in a more continuous supply, let me know because I am hoping to attend the FROLIC on June 11th and/or visit Valleyfair with my kids on the 19th and could feasibly bring back a truckload of pellets. email E-MAIL with a message or telephone number and I will contact you. Thanks! --Sheri Johnson Have you done (or at least seen) a weasel war dance today?


Date:   Sun, 28 May 2000 16:00:58 -0700 From:   Mia and Patrick Emery E-MAIL Subject: Attn... Canadian ferret lovers! (kits!)      

Attn... Canadian ferret lovers! The breeding season is well underway at the Covenstead House Ferretry in BC Canada. We have three litters with a total of 9 kits that are all doing well, there is a mixture of NZ, US, and Canadian lines, with silver mitts, DEWs, and some lovely sables. We will ship across Canada, to WA state and Oregon. Kits are sold at ten weeks for $160 Canadian which includes first shots, spay/neuter and pedigree. All kits are handled from birth and are friendly little balls of fur. Contact me at Mia Emery


Date:   Fri, 26 May 2000 12:25:39 -0400 From:   Kathy Gallagher E-MAIL Subject: Unique Impressions: kits in Ohio              

I've been asked to place the following information of behalf of Doug McKay, Uniqe Impressions. Doug McKay, Unique Impressions, Marengo, OH 419-253-1921. Doug McKay has had a large selection of kits this year and has many to place. He has a large selection of unique and unusual colors. He breeds for large size, gentle disposition and has a large selection of colors. Doug guarantees the health of his animals. Ferrets are available as breeding stock, nuetered or nuetered and descented. Please contact Doug directly for further information about fees, color selection and shipping charges. We have one male from him for use as a stud male. He is big, mellow tempered, intelligent, fertile and a proven breeder. He is one of our best tempered ferrets. KG Celtic Ferrets Columbus, OH


Date:   Sun, 28 May 2000 23:31:02 -0700 From:   Wayne & Nancy Wellington E-MAIL Subject: Pet Amusement Lair, fun exercise!            

The P.A.L. is a high grade acylic maze for ferrets and other medium size pets. That hangs on the wall connects with tubes, fittings and attaches to any cage you have on the floor or table. You can hang cat toys and hammocks from the top air slits on each lair, also the fuzzies like to bat a ball around in the lairs and in the tubes. Comes in two sizes and many colors. Plenty of ventilation. Very easy to clean. Each lair comes with a hinged front door with a latch. We are just starting to make clear fittings now instead of the black fittings. Also have corner lairs. In the fittings, we have connectors, T's, Y's, elbow's and 90's. We do speciality orders too. Climb tubes comes in 6 foot sticks, but we can cut them down to any size you want. This system will keep your ferrets from getting muscle atrophy and boredom from sitting in a cage all day. Ferrets love it! We are a member of the Las Vegas Better Business bureau and we also give a satisfaction guaranteed. WEB-SITE Wayne and Nancy Wellington 2248 Raymond Lane Las Vegas, Nevada. 89156 Phone # 702-459-5843 Fax # 702-459-9691


Date:   Mon, 29 May 2000 12:41:53 -0400 From:   Ferret Fanatic E-MAIL Subject: Handmade Ferret Christmas ornaments          

Ferret Christmas ornament, handmade to order. WEB-SITE Each ornament hand crafted, can be personalized. $2.00 from each ornament sale will be donated to: Ferrets Unlimited Ferret Shelter WEB-SITE Place your order today! -- Vicki L. Henderson-aka-Ferret Fanatic Woody, Miss Tizzy, Ginger Snap & General Kaos! Sadly missing "Buzz"-who will always be in our hearts The Fearless FLO! WEB-SITE Ferret Xmas Ornaments: WEB-SITE ICQ: 11898312


Date:   Mon, 29 May 2000 09:11:29 -0400 From:   E-MAIL Subject: Professional web design services for shelters, etc.            

Hi Fellow Ferret Pets!! My name is Rachel and I am a professional Web Designer. My company name is "It Starts Here". I want everyone to know that for those of you interested in showing off your babies to the world or SHELTERS who are interested in getting a web page, I'm here for you. Even though it is my profession I try and keep things as reasonable as possible and if your a ferret owned person I take pity and knock down the prices even farther. The little fur balls are expensive!! (or is that spoiled?) Any way, if you have any questions please e mail me or you can check out my web site at WEB-SITE ... PLEASE note though I do give rather LARGE discounts for Ferret Owned People and Non-Profit Organizations, so don't get too excited if you go to the web page (although my prices are some of the lowest on the net). Make sure you ask me so I can give you the details!! I guess this just my way of trying to help out a few more fuzzies. Hope to hear from you soon!! Rachel (who is wondering if she's brained washed by the FLO) Noser (type faster... we're almost out of treats!!) Pandora (SPOILED!! I AM NOT... I'm a Princess!!)


Date:   Tue, 30 May 2000 10:31:53 -0500 From:   Debbie Scott/Friendly Ferrets E-MAIL Subject: for sale (kits)                              

My name is Debbie Scott. I have had ferret since 1992. This year we had our very first jill... "Bebe's" great, great, great grandkits!! We have black sables, siamese sables,lots of lite cinnamons, chocolates, etc..and many of those hard to find colors. We do NOT inbreed and believe ferrets should NOT be spay or neut. until they reach the proper age. Our bloodlines include German, English, New Zealand, Swedish, Aust. and American. Our kits have the wide shoulders& round faces. WEB-SITE Also another contact..... E-MAIL or E-MAIL Debbie Scott 200 3rd. St. Ripley, Ohio 45167-1028 937-392-9302 11:00am-8pm (EST) Psalm36:6


Date:   Tue, 30 May 2000 23:55:26 -0400 From:   Juliana Quadrozzi - FERRET BUSINESS OF GA E-MAIL Subject: FERRET BUSINESS of GA -- lots of various suppies and items    

FERRET BUSINESS of GA was created to provide a haven for homeless ferrets, adoption services, care & behavioral information, & a veterinary referral resource. FERRET BUSINESS is also here to answer your questions & help remedy your problems. We're incorporated as nonprofit in GA & licensed as an animal shelter by the GA Department of Agriculture (the government agency regulating animal shelter, groomers, kennels, & breeders). We're located in the Atlanta area. FERRET BUSINESS has ferrets available for adoption into permanent, loving homes. If you're looking for a ferret companion in GA or the surrounding states, please consider adopting a foster ferret & give us a call. All monies collected go directly to help support the medical expenses of the foster ferrets. With the exception of medical expenses, all care & maintenance is done out-of-pocket. In addition to the services I've already mentioned, both new & gently used ferret merchandise is available for sale to help support the medical expenses of the foster ferrets. And of course, donations are always gratefully accepted. FERRET BUSINESS MERCHANDISE: FERRET BUSINESS EXCLUSIVE!!! *"I'm in the business...Because I'm Owned by Ferrets!"* - $3.75 each (includes shipping) Clear magnetic window sticker printed in brilliant orange lettering (no glue - not permanent - removable/reusable) tells the world you're a ferret enthusiast NEW MERCHANDISE Crock-Locs - durable, dishwasher-safe dishes that can be secured to the cage (easily on, easy off), color black 10 oz size - $8 / 20 oz size - $10 "Ferrets In My Pocket!" T-Shirts - $15 beautifully detailed ferrets climbing in & out of the faux breast pocket - they look so real - 100% cotton/sizes (s, m, l, xl, xxl) Nutri-Cal - $6.50 / Laxitone - $6.50 The Ferret Calendar 1999 - ON SALE $11 The Fantastic Ferret Fun Book - $5.00 - illustrated by Linda Gaylord of THE STATIONARY FERRET & printed by Bill Hicks & generously donated by Judith White, Ela Heyn, & Georgia Wood of SOS charities CHEWEASELS - $1.50/each or 3/$4.00 - the only safe, ingestible ferret chew toy developed specifically for ferrets XL Cuddling Sleep Sacks with plush linings - $15 XL Cuddling Hammocks with plush linings - $15 L Polar Fleece Sleep Sacks - $10 Generously produced by Debra Nelson in a variety of colorful patterns Enclosed Round FuzzyBed with plush padded floor - $16.00 Ferret Fun Pop-up Tent with plush padded floor- $16.00 Xmas Note Cards (assorted 12 pack w/envelopes) - $12.75 I [HEART] FERRETS License Plate (Tag) Frames - $5.75 Pewter Ferret Keychains w/I [Heart] Ferrets on the back - $6.50 Pewter Ferret Pins - $6.50 LIKE-NEW FORMERLY OWNED MERCHANDISE - ASK ABOUT OUR FANTASTIC PRICING: Cages, Harnesses/Leashes/Collars, Toys & Colorful Rigid Plastic Tubing, Water Bottles & Holders, Heavy Ceramic Crock-style Dishes & J-Feeders, Litter Boxes of all colors, shapes & sizes, Carriers, Hammocks, Shampoo INVITATIONS & PRINTING - Please patronize our friends Zora, Harry, & Leslie Silvas at Kennesaw Graphics in Kennesaw, GA for all your invitations, checks, forms, signs, & advertising specialties. They have been generous & giving towards our ferret welfare efforts, as well as other rescue organizations, ferret owners & foster parents. Kennesaw Graphics - (770) 421-1745 / Please support your local ferret shelter, whoever they may be. Juliana (770) 984-1417 E-MAIL Jill (770) 924-4724 E-MAIL FERRET BUSINESS of GA foster care/adoption/information Juliana (770) 984-1417 E-MAIL FERRET BUSINESS of GA (fer'it`bizīnis) n. 1 Ferret foster care & adoption. 2 Info about ferret care & ownership.   3 What a ferret does. 4 A collection of ferrets. 5 A direct result of ferret math. /Thatīs BUSINESS as in a bunch of ferrets folks./ FERRET BUSINESS of GA is a GA nonprofit corporation & is licensed by the GA Dept. of Agriculture as an animal shelter


Date:   Wed, 31 May 2000 08:15:47 -0700 From:   - Roo - E-MAIL Subject: Free webdesign for shelters                  

~DARK PATH PRODUCTIONS~ Free web design for shelters! WEB-SITE email: E-MAIL For many of the shelter operators out there it is hard slogging, day in - day out, and then on top of that, making the public aware of the existence of shelters and their desperate need for funds is another job and a half. How do I know? Because I have spent time working as a volunteer at the South Florida Ferret Club and Rescue. It was through this work that I became aware of the wonderful work these shelter owners are performing and it gave me a deep appreciation of how difficult it is. For this reason, when I began my own web design business, I made a decision to offer four free sites per year to charity and non profit organisations. Currently, I have one slot still open for this year. If the slots are full, you may email me to go on the waiting list for next year, or alternatively, if you don't want to wait, you can take advantage of the special deals I have set up for charity and non profit organisations. * FREE site hosting at (alternatively, if you don't like the pop-up ads, you may host the site on my domain for $5 a month) * $20 per page for development of the website (this includes the design of graphics, etc... I will, however, require content and photographs of the shelter from you) * $20 an hour maintenance fee (for changes, additions, etc) once the site has been completed and is up and running * FREE submission of your site to the major search engines If you have been wanting a website for your shelter to promote adoptions, or to sell your fundraising products, drop me a line and let's see what we can do for you! Kind regards Roo Dark Path Productions Quality and reliable web design for your small business WEB-SITE


Date:   Wed, 31 May 2000 07:59:38 -0700 From:   For Ferrets Only E-MAIL Subject: FOR FERRETS ONLY (bedding and other nice items)                  

~FOR FERRETS ONLY~ Everthing their little hearts desire WEB-SITE email: The moving force behind this online ferret store is Angela Espinet who is known to many of us in the ferret industry as the woman who has to date dedicated 20 years of love and devotion to the caring for abandoned and ill ferrets. Frustrated by the lack of quality and the cause of ferret injuries by products on the market, Angela has designed numerous ferret products with two utmost priorities in mind. Ferret safety and product durability. Once her products became public knowledge she was approached by major ferret breeders and product manufacturers for her advice on new products they were developing. Finally, Angela is able to offer her products freely to the public worldwide through her online store For Ferrets Only. *FERRET PRODUCTS* For Ferrets Only offers a selection of cozy 100% washable bedding in a huge variety of colors, safe cages, litter bins with a special design that WORKS (patent pending), health products for your fuzzies, grooming products, quality foods and treats, as well as ferret safe toys. *FERR-ITSIES & OTHER FERRET-RELATED ITEMS* If you haven't seen the range of Ferr-itsies and Baby Ferr-itsies, please make a point of stopping by. These collectibles will make you smile and are featured on stationery, photoframes, music boxes, trinket boxes, soap dises, wall plaques, and recently, candles. The Baby Ferr-itsies have been a hit at recent ferret shows! *FERRET SCHOOL* Each month at For Ferrets Only, Angela will post one lesson in the ferret care section called Ferret School, complete with photographs, video and/or illustrations. Upcoming articles include "Feeding a Sick Ferret" (which will feature her special recipe of 'soup') and "Cleaning The Ears". It is worth bookmarking this page for your own RELIABLE future reference. For Ferrets Only truly is your one-stop-ferret-shop for whatever you or your ferret may be in need of. Stop by soon and take advantage of the regular special sales!


Date:   Wed, 31 May 2000 09:24:14 -0700 From:   Patty E-MAIL Subject: Beautiful Stained glass ferrets!              

Hi All you fuzzy lovers, I just had to tell you about Chris & Brett Mulkey's stained glass. They made one for me depicting my cinnimon Podo, DEW Milo (rest his soul), and the sables Annie, Dusty, and Kasha. It's so beautiful!!! Here's the link to see their work if you are interested: WEB-SITE I just wrote them and asked if they could make me one and they suggested a couple of patterns and I chose the one with the three ferts. For the love of ferrets, Patty and the 4 outlaws, missing Kiki, Konan, & Milo

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