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This is the best trick I taught my ferrets to do and it's also the easiest and quickest way to put them up for the night. Whenever I put my ferrets in their cage at night, I always have a treat there waiting for them. If your ferrets know that when it's time for bed, they are going to get something good when they go in their cage, they will go without any problems.

In my home I clean the litter boxes one last time before going to bed every night. After everything is clean and ready for my ferrets, I put something my guys love in their cages. My ferrets love Totally Ferret food mixed with warm water and stirred to make a gravy out of the water. I place a bowl in each cage and clap my hands calling to them.

I just say "Okay guys, it's time for bed" while clapping my hands, and my ferrets run in their cages to eat their warm supper.