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As you've probably discovered if you own a ferret, they're very intelligent animals. Like monkeys and rats, they're capable of reasoning and if given time can figure out how to do just about anything.

Mine have discovered how to

1- Open their cages.

2- Untie the knots holding their hammocks to their cage using their front paws and nails.

3- Unzip the zippers on my pocketbooks to see if there's anything interesting inside.

4- Move objects across the room so they can climb on them to reach something they're not supposed to have.

And they can also do just about anything you can teach a dog to do. Here are a few of the tricks that I've had the pleasure of teaching my ferrets.



I'm going to start with the trick I found the easiest to teach my ferrets. The most important thing to have is a treat your ferret loves. Most of mine love Pounce cat treats but there's plenty of treats on the market made just for ferrets that your guys might like. The easiest place to train them to roll over is on a bed.

Step #1
Place your ferret on the bed and show him the treat. Since I'm using my little boy to demonstrate I'll be referring to your ferret as a male.

Step #2

Gently press down on his back and bring the hand holding the treat to the side of your ferret's head.

Step #3

Slowly bring your hand around the back of his head. Your ferret should be following your hand holding the treat.

Step #4

By the time your hand reaches the other side of his body, he will have rolled over following the treat. Let your ferret know how wonderful he is and give him his prize. After repeating this for about a week, my ferrets would roll over without any prompting.

Some ferrets will learn faster and some may take their time. Just have patience and make it an enjoyable game. If your ferret thinks it's fun instead of a chore, he'll roll over because he enjoys doing it.